Paul Bellows is a songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta.

Paul has released four recordings over the last 14 years, "Juliet Pauses" which was chosen as a Top 12 DIY record by Performing Songwriter Magazine in 1998, "Like He's Famous", released by Cake Records in 2001 and "Tape Deck Classics" released in 2005. "Tape Deck Classics" ran in the Top 30 on more than 25 Top 200 CMJ stations across the US and Canada and received a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Design. Paul's latest record, "Shipwreck Looking Out for a Beach" was released on September 2, 2011 and was released to radio across North America in October 2011.

Paul's music has been featured on national and provincial CBC radio, commercial stations, university and public radio all over North America.

Paul also moonlights around Edmonton as a session tambourine and trumpet player.

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